Ace Line Hauler Operation, Brutus Ace Line Hauler, Crab Pot Puller, Shrimp Pot Puller. The new for 2021 Brutus Pacific Pro by Ace Line Hauler is compatible with Scotty downrigger mounts and plugs for powerful, easy pulling and is Best in Class. Lightweight 20-lb. design features a 110-lb. capacity while hauling one to four prawn traps or one crab trap. Accommodates most line sizes and draws between 14 to 35 amps depending on the .... The 12volt Brutus Ace Line Hauler is the most efficient, ... The Ace Line Hauler's simple one-person operation takes the work out of lifting prawn and crab traps. Powered by a Hi-Torque 12V Motor The Brutus hauls , with minimal assistance, lifting up to 45kg at 110 ft per minute. Ideal for hauling Lobster, Crab, Prawn pots, end weights, Anchors.

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